Interface IdentifiedObject

    • Method Detail

      • getName

        ReferenceIdentifier getName()
        The primary name by which this object is identified.
        The primary name.
      • getAlias

        Collection<GenericName> getAlias()
        An alternative name by which this object is identified.
        The aliases, or an empty collection if there is none.
      • getIdentifiers

        Set<ReferenceIdentifier> getIdentifiers()
        An identifier which references elsewhere the object's defining information. Alternatively an identifier by which this object can be referenced.
        This object identifiers, or an empty set if there is none.
      • getRemarks

        InternationalString getRemarks()
        Comments on or information about this object, including data source information.
        The remarks, or null if none.
      • toWKT

        String toWKT()
              throws UnsupportedOperationException
        Returns a Well Known Text (WKT) for this object. This operation may fails if an object is too complex for the WKT format capability (for example an engineering CRS with different unit for each axis).
        The Well Know Text for this object.
        UnsupportedOperationException - If this object can't be formatted as WKT.