Class DefaultVerticalDatum

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, Datum, VerticalDatum, IdentifiedObject

    public class DefaultVerticalDatum
    extends AbstractDatum
    implements VerticalDatum
    A textual description and/or a set of parameters identifying a particular reference level surface used as a zero-height surface. The description includes its position with respect to the Earth for any of the height types recognized by this standard. There are several types of vertical datums, and each may place constraints on the coordinate system axis with which it is combined to create a vertical CRS.
    Martin Desruisseaux (IRD)
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    Serialized Form
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        public static final DefaultVerticalDatum ELLIPSOIDAL
        Default vertical datum for ellipsoidal heights. Ellipsoidal heights are measured along the normal to the ellipsoid used in the definition of horizontal datum.
    • Constructor Detail

      • DefaultVerticalDatum

        public DefaultVerticalDatum​(String name,
                                    VerticalDatumType type)
        Constructs a vertical datum from a name.
        name - The datum name.
        type - The type of this vertical datum.
      • DefaultVerticalDatum

        public DefaultVerticalDatum​(VerticalDatum datum)
        Constructs a new datum with the same values than the specified one. This copy constructor provides a way to wrap an arbitrary implementation into a Geotools one or a user-defined one (as a subclass), usually in order to leverage some implementation-specific API. This constructor performs a shallow copy, i.e. the properties are not cloned.
        datum - The datum to copy.
      • DefaultVerticalDatum

        public DefaultVerticalDatum​(Map<String,​?> properties,
                                    VerticalDatumType type)
        Constructs a vertical datum from a set of properties. The properties map is given unchanged to the super-class constructor.
        properties - Set of properties. Should contains at least "name".
        type - The type of this vertical datum.
    • Method Detail

      • getVerticalDatumTypeFromLegacyCode

        public static VerticalDatumType getVerticalDatumTypeFromLegacyCode​(int code)
        Returns the vertical datum type from a legacy code. The legacy codes were defined in Coordinate Transformation Services (OGC 01-009), which also defined the Well Known Text (WKT) format. This method is used for WKT parsing.
        code - The legacy vertical datum code.
        The vertical datum type, or null if the code is unrecognized.
      • equals

        public boolean equals​(AbstractIdentifiedObject object,
                              boolean compareMetadata)
        Compare this vertical datum with the specified object for equality.
        equals in class AbstractDatum
        object - The object to compare to this.
        compareMetadata - true for performing a strict comparaison, or false for comparing only properties relevant to transformations.
        true if both objects are equal.
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        Returns a hash value for this vertical datum. Name, remarks and the like are not taken in account. In other words, two vertical datums will return the same hash value if they are equal in the sense of equals(AbstractIdentifiedObject, false).
        hashCode in class AbstractIdentifiedObject
        The hash code value. This value doesn't need to be the same in past or future versions of this class.