Class DefaultLinearCS

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, CoordinateSystem, LinearCS, IdentifiedObject

    public class DefaultLinearCS
    extends AbstractCS
    implements LinearCS
    A one-dimensional coordinate system that consists of the points that lie on the single axis described. The associated ordinate is the distance from the specified origin to the point along the axis. Example: usage of the line feature representing a road to describe points on or along that road. A LinearCS shall have one axis.
    Used with CRS type(s)
    Martin Desruisseaux (IRD)
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    Serialized Form
    • Constructor Detail

      • DefaultLinearCS

        public DefaultLinearCS​(LinearCS cs)
        Constructs a new coordinate system with the same values than the specified one. This copy constructor provides a way to wrap an arbitrary implementation into a Geotools one or a user-defined one (as a subclass), usually in order to leverage some implementation-specific API. This constructor performs a shallow copy, i.e. the properties are not cloned.
      • DefaultLinearCS

        public DefaultLinearCS​(String name,
                               CoordinateSystemAxis axis)
        Constructs a coordinate system from a name.
        name - The coordinate system name.
        axis - The axis.
      • DefaultLinearCS

        public DefaultLinearCS​(Map<String,​?> properties,
                               CoordinateSystemAxis axis)
        Constructs a coordinate system from a set of properties. The properties map is given unchanged to the super-class constructor.
        properties - Set of properties. Should contains at least "name".
        axis - The axis.
    • Method Detail

      • distance

        public Measure distance​(double[] coord1,
                                double[] coord2)
                         throws MismatchedDimensionException
        Computes the distance between two points.
        distance in class AbstractCS
        coord1 - Coordinates of the first point.
        coord2 - Coordinates of the second point.
        The distance between coord1 and coord2.
        MismatchedDimensionException - if a coordinate doesn't have the expected dimension.