The following package is an implementation of OGC Symbology Encoding 1.1.0 and ISO 19117 : Portrayal

This package is a merge from package GeoAPI SLD (v1.0.0) and GeoTools styling.

Symbology Encoding overview

Source :
File : 05-077r4

This document defines an XML encoding that can be used for styling feature and coverage data.
Symbology Encoding includes the FeatureTypeStyle as root element. These elements include all information for styling the data such as Filter and different kinds of Symbolizers.
As Symbology Encoding is a grammar for styling map data independent of any service interface specification it can be used flexibly by a number of services that style georeferenced information or store styling information that can be used by other services.

Symbology Encoding is a specification that define styles in xml files. This GeoAPI implementation may be a bit different from the original XSD structure to offer a better integration in the Java langage and to follow ISO 19117.

Here are schemas breafly describing the java implementation :

- Styles have N rules, and each rule have N Symbolizers.

- We found Symbolizer for each data type we can portray.