Class SemanticType

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, Comparable<SemanticType>

    public final class SemanticType
    extends CodeList<SemanticType>
    Identifies the more general "type" of geometry that this style is meant to act upon. In the current OGC SE specifications, this is an experimental element and can take only one of the following values:

    • generic:point
    • generic:line
    • generic:polygon
    • generic:text
    • generic:raster
    • generic:any

    GeoAPI 2.2
    Open Geospatial Consortium, Johann Sorel (Geomatys)
    See Also:
    Serialized Form
    • Field Detail

      • POINT

        public static final SemanticType POINT
        Semantic identifies a point geometry.
      • LINE

        public static final SemanticType LINE
        Semantic identifies a line geometry.
      • POLYGON

        public static final SemanticType POLYGON
        Semantic identifies a polygon geometry.
      • TEXT

        public static final SemanticType TEXT
        Semantic identifies a text geometry.
      • RASTER

        public static final SemanticType RASTER
        Semantic identifies a raster geometry.
      • ANY

        public static final SemanticType ANY
        Semantic identifies any geometry.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SemanticType

        public SemanticType​(String name)
        Constructs an enum with the given name. The new enum is automatically added to the list returned by values().
        name - The enum name. This name must not be in use by an other enum of this type.
    • Method Detail

      • values

        public static SemanticType[] values()
        Returns the list of SemanticTypes.
        The list of codes declared in the current JVM.
      • family

        public SemanticType[] family()
        Returns the list of enumerations of the same kind than this enum.
        Specified by:
        family in class CodeList<SemanticType>
        The codes of the same kind than this code.
      • valueOf

        public static SemanticType valueOf​(String code)
        Returns the semantic type that matches the given string, or returns a new one if none match it.
        code - The name of the code to fetch or to create.
        A code matching the given name.