Interface LineSymbolizer

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    public interface LineSymbolizer
    extends Symbolizer
    Gives directions for how to draw lines on a map.
    GeoAPI 2.2
    Open Geospatial Consortium, Johann Sorel (Geomatys), Chris Dillard (SYS Technologies)
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      • getStroke

        Stroke getStroke()
        Returns the object containing all the information necessary to draw styled lines.
        Stroke object, contain information about how to draw lines
      • getPerpendicularOffset

        Expression getPerpendicularOffset()
        PerpendicularOffset allows to draw lines in parallel to the original geometry. For complex line strings these parallel lines have to be constructed so that the distance between original geometry and drawn line stays equal. This construction can result in drawn lines that are actually smaller or longer than the original geometry.

        The distance is in uoms and is positive to the left-hand side of the line string. Negative numbers mean right. The default offset is 0.

      • setStroke

        void setStroke​(Stroke stroke)
        Provides the graphical-symbolization parameter to use for the linear geometry.
        stroke - The Stroke style to use when rendering lines.
      • setPerpendicularOffset

        void setPerpendicularOffset​(Expression offset)
        Define an offset to draw lines in parallel to the original geometry.
        offset - Distance in UOMs to offset line; left-hand side is positive; right-hand side is negative; the default value is 0