Defines the DataStore API via which all data is imported or exported.

All DataStores (e.g. PostGIS, Shapefile(tm), GML...) must provide implementations of the DataStore interface and the DataStoreFactorySpi interface. These interfaces allow new types of datastore to be plugged into applications which use GeoTools without the need to modify any code.


 FeatureStore postgis = new PostGisDataStore( ... );
 Query all = Query.ALL;
 FeatureType roadType = postgis.getFeatureType( "roads" );

 // reader 1 streams over all roads
 FeatureReader reader1 = postgis.getFeatureReader( roadsType, all, Transaction.AUTO_COMMIT );

 // allRoads = featureResults is a prepaired query of all roads
 FeatureSource roads = postgis.getFeatureSource( "roads" );
 FeatureResults allRoads = roads.getFeatures( all );

 // reader 2 & 3 streams over all roads in the same manner as reader 1
 FeatureReader reader2 = allRoads.reader();
 FeatureReader reader3 = allRoads.reader();

 // bounds1 returns the bounding box of roads, may be null depending on expense
 Envelope bounds1 = roads.getBounds( all );

 // bounds2 returns the bounding box of roads, may actually calculate by going over the entire dataset
 Envelope bounds 2 = allRoads.getBounds();