Interface AttributeWriter

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    public interface AttributeWriter
    - Added hasNext to support the FeatureWriter API. - Changed order of writer parameters to match Collections, JDBC API. - Added IOExceptions on all methods. - Do we want AttributeWriters to know about the schema and perform validation??
    Ian Schneider, Sean Geoghegan, Defence Science and Technology Organisation.
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      void close()  
      int getAttributeCount()
      The number of attributes this reader can read, i.e the length of a row.
      AttributeDescriptor getAttributeType​(int i)
      Retrieve the AttributeType at the given index.
      boolean hasNext()
      Query whether there are other rows in the attribute writer.
      void next()
      Advance the AttributeWriter, all calls to write will correspond to the same set of attributes until next is called again.
      void write​(int position, Object attribute)
      Write the given attribute value at the position indicated.