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    public static interface Transaction.State
    DataStore implementations can use this interface to externalize the state they require to implement Transaction Support.

    The commit and rollback methods will be called as required. The intension is that several DataStores can share common transaction state (example: Postgis DataStores sharing a connection to the same database).

    jgarnett, Refractions Reasearch Inc.
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      • setTransaction

        void setTransaction​(Transaction transaction)
        Provides configuration information for Transaction.State

        setTransaction is called with non null transaction when Transaction.State is putState into a Transaction. This tranasction will be used to determine correct event notification.

        setTransaction is called with null when removeState is called (usually during Transaction.close() ).

      • addAuthorization

        void addAuthorization​(String AuthID)
                       throws IOException
        Call back used for Transaction.setAuthorization()