Class BatchFeatureEvent

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    public class BatchFeatureEvent
    extends FeatureEvent
    Provide batch notification on Commit / Rollback.

    This is used by FeatureListenerManager to report a bit more detail on transaction commit() and rollback(). Previously these changes were represented as an change event with no known bounds.

    Jody Garnett
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    • Field Detail

      • fids

        protected WeakHashSet<Identifier> fids
        This is a weak hash set as we don't need to track changes on FeatureIds that are not being used by the client to track selection.
    • Method Detail

      • setType

        public void setType​(FeatureEvent.Type type)
        Used to change this into a COMMIT or ROLLBACK if needed.
      • add

        public void add​(FeatureEvent change)
        Indicate a change being batched.

        Will be use to update internal state of bounds and filter; in the special case of Features being added we will record the FeatureIds in case we need to update them later (this is only required for a *commit* event).

      • replaceFid

        public void replaceFid​(String tempFid,
                               String actualFid)
        Used to update any FeatureId during a commit.
      • getCreatedFeatureIds

        public WeakHashSet<Identifier> getCreatedFeatureIds()
        This is the set of Identifiers that have been created over the course of this operation.

        Please note that this is only the set of identifiers that is *still in use*; if no client code is holding on to these Identifiers waiting to see what the final value will be we are not going to hold onto these for you.

        Set of Identifiers created during this commit