Class PropertyCoordinateOperationAuthorityFactory

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    AuthorityFactory, Factory, CoordinateOperationAuthorityFactory, Factory, RegistrableFactory

    public class PropertyCoordinateOperationAuthorityFactory
    extends DirectAuthorityFactory
    implements CoordinateOperationAuthorityFactory
    A CoordinateOperationAuthorityFactory backed by a properties file. Allows custom transform definitions across two CRSs, expressed as WKT math transforms. Entries in the properties file take this format:
     [source crs code],[target crs code]=[WKT math transform]
     4230,4258=PARAM_MT["NTv2", PARAMETER["Latitude and longitude difference file", "100800401.gsb"]]
     23031,25831=PARAM_MT["Similarity transformation", \
       PARAMETER["Ordinate 1 of evaluation point in target CRS", -129.549], \
       PARAMETER["Ordinate 2 of evaluation point in target CRS", -208.185], \
       PARAMETER["Scale difference", 1.0000015504], \
       PARAMETER["Rotation angle of source coordinate reference system axes", 1.56504]]
    For more compact definitions, parameter names can be replaced by their corresponding EPSG codes. Following examples are the same as former ones:
     4230,4258=PARAM_MT["9615", PARAMETER["8656", "100800401.gsb"]]
     23031,25831=PARAM_MT["9621", \
       PARAMETER["8621", -129.549], \
       PARAMETER["8622", -208.185], \
       PARAMETER["8611", 1.0000015504], \
       PARAMETER["8614", 1.56504]]

    See Well-Known Text format for math transform syntax. Visit the EPSG Geodetic Parameter Registry for EPSG parameter codes and values.

    Note that invertible transforms will be used in both directions.

    This factory doesn't cache any result. Any call to a createFoo method will trig a new WKT parsing. For caching, this factory should be wrapped in some buffered factory like BufferedAuthorityFactory.

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