Interface Citation

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    public interface Citation
    Standardized resource reference.
    GeoAPI 1.0
    Martin Desruisseaux (IRD), Cory Horner (Refractions Research)
    • Method Detail

      • getTitle

        InternationalString getTitle()
        Name by which the cited resource is known.
        The cited resource name.
      • getEdition

        InternationalString getEdition()
        Version of the cited resource.
        The version, or null if none.
      • getEditionDate

        Date getEditionDate()
        Date of the edition, or null if none.
        The edition date, or null if none.
      • getIdentifiers

        Collection<? extends Identifier> getIdentifiers()
        Unique identifier for the resource. Example: Universal Product Code (UPC), National Stock Number (NSN).
        The identifiers, or an empty collection if none.
      • getCitedResponsibleParties

        Collection<? extends ResponsibleParty> getCitedResponsibleParties()
        Name and position information for an individual or organization that is responsible for the resource. Returns an empty string if there is none.
        The individual or organization that is responsible, or an empty collection if none.
      • getPresentationForm

        Collection<PresentationForm> getPresentationForm()
        Mode in which the resource is represented, or an empty string if none.
        The presentation mode, or an empty collection if none.
      • getOtherCitationDetails

        InternationalString getOtherCitationDetails()
        Other information required to complete the citation that is not recorded elsewhere. Returns null if none.
        Other details, or null if none.
      • getCollectiveTitle

        InternationalString getCollectiveTitle()
        Common title with holdings note. Note: title identifies elements of a series collectively, combined with information about what volumes are available at the source cited. Returns null if there is no title.
        The common title, or null if none.
      • getISBN

        String getISBN()
        International Standard Book Number, or null if none.
        The ISBN, or null if none.
      • getISSN

        String getISSN()
        International Standard Serial Number, or null if none.
        The ISSN, or null if none.