Class ReferencingFactory

    • Field Detail

      • LOGGER

        public static final Logger LOGGER
        The logger for event related to Geotools's factories.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ReferencingFactory

        protected ReferencingFactory()
        Constructs a factory with the default priority.
      • ReferencingFactory

        protected ReferencingFactory​(int priority)
        Constructs a factory with the specified priority.
        priority - The priority for this factory, as a number between MINIMUM_PRIORITY and MAXIMUM_PRIORITY inclusive.
    • Method Detail

      • getVendor

        public Citation getVendor()
        Returns the vendor responsible for creating this factory implementation. Many implementations may be available for the same factory interface. The default implementation returns Geotools.
        Specified by:
        getVendor in interface Factory
        The vendor for this factory implementation.
      • ensureNonNull

        protected static void ensureNonNull​(String name,
                                            Object object)
                                     throws InvalidParameterValueException
        Makes sure that an argument is non-null. This is a convenience method for subclass methods.
        name - Argument name.
        object - User argument.
        InvalidParameterValueException - if object is null.