Class AllAuthoritiesFactory

    • Field Detail

      • DEFAULT

        public static AllAuthoritiesFactory DEFAULT
        An instance of AllAuthoritiesFactory with the default name separator and no hints.
    • Constructor Detail

      • AllAuthoritiesFactory

        public AllAuthoritiesFactory​(Hints hints)
        Creates a new factory using the specified hints.
        hints - An optional set of hints, or null if none.
    • Method Detail

      • getIdentifiedObjectFinder

        public IdentifiedObjectFinder getIdentifiedObjectFinder​(Class<? extends IdentifiedObject> type)
                                                         throws FactoryException
        Returns a finder which can be used for looking up unidentified objects. The default implementation delegates the lookups to the underlying factories.
        getIdentifiedObjectFinder in class ManyAuthoritiesFactory
        type - The type of objects to look for. Should be a GeoAPI interface like GeographicCRS.class, but this method accepts also implementation class. If the type is unknown, use IdentifiedObject.class. A more accurate type may help to speed up the search, since it reduces the amount of tables to scan in some implementations like the factories backed by EPSG database.
        A finder to use for looking up unidentified objects.
        FactoryException - if the object creation failed.