Class Mosaic

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, Operation

    public class Mosaic
    extends OperationJAI
    This operation does a mosaic of multiple GridCoverage2Ds. The GridCoverage2Ds can have different resolutions; the operation will resample them to the same one. The policies for choosing the output resolution are:
    • resolution of the FIRST coverage (Default)
    • FINE resolution
    • COARSE resolution
    • resolution of an EXTERNAL GridGeometry
    Note that the operation requires that all the GridCoverage2Ds are in the same CRS, else an exception is thrown.

    The input parameters of the operation are:

    • a Collection of the GridCoverage2D to mosaic
    • an optional GridGeometry object for setting the final resolution and BoundingBox
    • an optional String indicating the policy to use for choosing the resolution
    • an optional double[] indicating the nodata values to set for the background. Note that the only the first value will be used
    Nicola Lagomarsini GesoSolutions S.A.S.
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