Class Operation2D

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        protected static final int PRIMARY_SOURCE_INDEX
        Index of the source GridCoverage2D to use as a model. The destination grid coverage will reuse the same coordinate reference system, envelope and qualitative categories than this primary source.

        For operations expecting only one source, there is no ambiguity. But for operations expecting more than one source, the choice of a primary source is somewhat arbitrary. This constant is used merely as a flag for spotting those places in the code.

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      • SOURCE_0

        public static final ParameterDescriptor<GridCoverage2D> SOURCE_0
        Convenience constant for the first source GridCoverage2D. The parameter name is "Source" (as specified in OGC implementation specification) and the alias is "source0" (for compatibility with Java Advanced Imaging).
    • Constructor Detail

      • Operation2D

        public Operation2D​(ParameterDescriptorGroup descriptor)
        Constructs an operation. The operation name will be the same than the parameter descriptor name.
        descriptor - The parameters descriptor.