Class ThreadedHsqlEpsgFactory

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      • LOGGER

        public static final Logger LOGGER
      • VERSION

        public static final Version VERSION
        Current version of EPSG-HSQL plugin. This is usually the same version number than the one in the EPSG database bundled in this plugin. However this field may contains additional minor version number if there is some changes related to the EPSG-HSQL plugin rather than the EPSG database itself (for example additional database index).
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      • ThreadedHsqlEpsgFactory

        public ThreadedHsqlEpsgFactory()
        Creates a new instance of this factory. If the "" system property is defined and contains the name of a directory with a valid parent, then the "EPSG" database will be saved in that directory. Otherwise, a temporary directory will be used.
      • ThreadedHsqlEpsgFactory

        public ThreadedHsqlEpsgFactory​(Hints hints)
        Creates a new instance of this data source using the specified hints. The priority is set to a lower value than the FactoryOnAccess's one in order to give precedence to the Access-backed database, if presents. Priorities are set that way because:
        • The MS-Access format is the primary EPSG database format.
        • If a user downloads the MS-Access database himself, he probably wants to use it.
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      • createBackingStore

        protected AbstractAuthorityFactory createBackingStore​(Hints hints)
                                                       throws SQLException
        Returns the backing-store factory for HSQL syntax. If the cached tables are not available, they will be created now from the SQL scripts bundled in this plugin.
        createBackingStore in class ThreadedEpsgFactory
        hints - A map of hints, including the low-level factories to use for CRS creation.
        The EPSG factory using HSQL syntax.
        SQLException - if connection to the database failed.