Class ImagePyramidReader

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    GridCoverageReader, GridCoverage2DReader

    public final class ImagePyramidReader
    extends AbstractGridCoverage2DReader
    implements GridCoverageReader
    This reader is responsible for providing access to a pyramid of mosaics of georeferenced coverages that are read directly through imageio readers, like tiff, pngs, etc...

    Specifically this plugin relies on the image mosaic plugin to handle each single level of resolutions available, hence all the magic is done inside the mosaic plugin.

    For information on how to build a mosaic, please refer to the ImageMosaicReader documentation.

    If you are looking for information on how to create a pyramid, here you go.

    The pyramid itself does no magic. All the magic is performed by the single mosaic readers that are polled depending on the requeste resolution levels. Therefore the first step is having a mosaic of images like geotiff, tiff, jpeg, or png which is going to be the base for the pyramid.

    The second step is to build the next (lower resolution) levels for the pyramid.
    If you look inside the spike dire of the geotools project you will find a (growing) set of tools that can be used for doing processing on coverages.
    Specifically there is one tool called PyramidBuilder that can be used to build the pyramid level by level.

    Last step is providing a prj file with the projection of the pyramid (btw all the levels has to be in the same projection) as well as a properties file with this structure:

               #Mon Aug 21 22:23:27 CEST 2006
               #name of the coverage
               #different resolution levels available
               Levels=1.2218682749859724E-5,9.220132503102996E-6 2.4428817977683634E-5,1.844026500620314E-5 4.8840552865873626E-5,3.686350299024973E-5 9.781791400307775E-5,7.372700598049946E-5 1.956358280061555E-4,1.4786360643866836E-4 3.901787184256844E-4,2.9572721287731037E-4
               #where all the levels reside
               LevelsDirs=0 2 4 8 16 32
               #number of levels available
               #envelope for this pyramid
               Envelope2D=13.398228477973406,43.591366397808976 13.537912459169803,43.67121274528585

    Starting with 16.x ImagePyramid can now support ImageMosaics with inner overviews. See ImageLevelsMapper for additional details of the Levels entry of a pyramid of mosaics with inner overviews.

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