Class ImageMosaicReader

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    GridCoverageReader, GridCoverage2DReader, StructuredGridCoverage2DReader

    public class ImageMosaicReader
    extends AbstractGridCoverage2DReader
    implements StructuredGridCoverage2DReader
    Reader responsible for providing access to mosaic of georeferenced images. Citing JAI documentation:

    The "Mosaic" operation creates a mosaic of two or more source images. This operation could be used for example to assemble a set of overlapping geospatially rectified images into a contiguous image. It could also be used to create a montage of photographs such as a panorama.

    All source images are assumed to have been geometrically mapped into a common coordinate space. The origin (minX, minY) of each image is therefore taken to represent the location of the respective image in the common coordinate system of the source images. This coordinate space will also be that of the destination image.

    All source images must have the same data type and sample size for all bands and have the same number of bands as color components. The destination will have the same data type, sample size, and number of bands and color components as the sources.

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