Class BandMerge

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, Operation

    public class BandMerge
    extends OperationJAI
    OperationJAI subclass used for executing the "Merge" of multiple coverages into a single coverage with multiple bands. This operation can be used also for merging coverages which are not aligned and with different resolutions. The user should only set: *
    • the Coverages (Note that they must be in the same CRS).
    • the optional Geometry to use as ROI.
    • The optional policy for choosing the Grid To World transformation(FIRST for that of the first coverage, LAST for the last one, INDEX for that of a coverage defined by the "index" parameter).
    • the index parameter for choosing the main Coverage.
    Nicola Lagomarsini, GeoSolutions S.A.S.
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