Interface Halo

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    public interface Halo
    A Halo is a type of Fill that is applied to the backgrounds of font glyphs. The use of halos greatly improves the readability of text labels.
    GeoAPI 2.2
    Open Geospatial Consortium, Johann Sorel (Geomatys), Chris Dillard (SYS Technologies)
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      • setRadius

        void setRadius​(Expression radius)
        Expression that represents the the distance the halo extends from the text
      • getFill

        Fill getFill()
        Returns the object that indicates how the halo area around the text should be filled.

        The default halo fill is solid white (Color “#FFFFFF”). The glyph’s fill is plotted on top of the halo. The default font fill is solid black (Color “#000000”).

        Fill or null
      • getRadius

        Expression getRadius()
        Returns the expression that will be evaluated to get the pixel radius of the halo around the text.

        The Radius element gives the absolute size of a halo radius in pixels encoded as a floating-point number. The radius is taken from the outside edge of a font glyph to extend the area of coverage of the glyph (and the inside edge of “holes” in the glyphs). The halo of a text label is considered to be a single shape. The default radius is one pixel. Negative values are not allowed.

        Expression or null
      • accept

        Object accept​(TraversingStyleVisitor visitor,
                      Object extraData)
        calls the visit method of a StyleVisitor
        visitor - the style visitor
      • setFill

        void setFill​(Fill fill)
        The fill (color) of the halo