Class UserLayerImpl

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    StyledLayer, UserLayer

    public class UserLayerImpl
    extends StyledLayerImpl
    implements UserLayer
    DJB: on inlinefeature support: The inline features also lets you "sort of" make your WMS into a WFS-T.

    I was going to implement this after SLD POST on monday, but I was expecting the definition in the spec to be a bit "nicer". Right now its just:

     <element name="InlineFeature"> <complexType> <sequence> <element ref="gml:_Feature" maxOccurs="unbounded"/> </sequence> </complexType>

    (the spec hasnt been finalized)

    I guess if we make some assumptions about the data coming in - ie. every feature is the same type, and its simple (no nesting, no , and no attributes), then we can parse ones that look like:

     <Feature> <Name>David Blasby</Name> <Location> ... GML ... </Location> </Feature>

    I'm not the best at reading .xsd, but I think that means you can stick in ANY GML Feature. If so, its way too general.

    My plan was to parse the first Feature (or, the given schema if there is one) to find out all the property names (and which one(s) are the geometry) and make a FeatureType. (I'd assume all the properties were strings)

    Then, make a MemoryDataStore and put the features in it. I can pass this off to the lite renderer as normal.