Class STACDataStore

    • Constructor Detail

      • STACDataStore

        public STACDataStore​(STACClient client)
    • Method Detail

      • getFetchSize

        public int getFetchSize()
      • setFetchSize

        public void setFetchSize​(int fetchSize)
      • createTypeNames

        protected List<Name> createTypeNames()
                                      throws IOException
        Description copied from class: ContentDataStore
        Creates a set of qualified names corresponding to the types that the datastore provides.

        Namespaces may be left null for data stores which do not support namespace qualified type names.

        Specified by:
        createTypeNames in class ContentDataStore
        A list of Name.
        IOException - Any errors occuring connecting to data.
      • dispose

        public void dispose()
        Description copied from interface: DataAccess
        Disposes of this data store and releases any resource that it is using.

        A DataStore cannot be used after dispose has been called, neither can any data access object it helped create, such as FeatureReader, FeatureSource or FeatureCollection.

        This operation can be called more than once without side effects.

        There is no thread safety assurance associated with this method. For example, client code will have to make sure this method is not called while retrieving/saving data from/to the storage, or be prepared for the consequences.

        Specified by:
        dispose in interface DataAccess<SimpleFeatureType,​SimpleFeature>
        dispose in class ContentDataStore
      • setHardLimit

        public void setHardLimit​(int hardLimit)
        Maximum number of STAC items a collection will ever provide (set to zero or negative not to have this limit).
        hardLimit -
      • getHardLimit

        public int getHardLimit()
      • getFeatureTypeItems

        public int getFeatureTypeItems()
      • setFeatureTypeItems

        public void setFeatureTypeItems​(int featureTypeItems)