Class ImagingParameters

    • Field Detail

      • parameters

        public final ParameterList parameters
        The JAI's parameter list. This is also the backing store for this parameter value group: all "ordinary" parameters (i.e. not including sources) are actually stored in this list.

        If the JAI descriptor is an instance of OperationDescriptor, then this parameter list is also an instance of ParameterBlockJAI. The sources must be handled separatly, because the source type for a JAI operator (typically RenderedImage) is not the same than the source type for a coverage operation (typically org.geotools.api.coverage.GridCoverage).

    • Constructor Detail

      • ImagingParameters

        public ImagingParameters​(ImagingParameterDescriptors descriptor)
        Constructs a parameter group for the specified descriptor.
        descriptor - The descriptor for this group of parameters.
      • ImagingParameters

        public ImagingParameters​(Map<String,​?> properties,
                                 ParameterList parameters)
        Constructs a parameter group wrapping the specified JAI parameters. A default ImagingParameterDescriptors is created.
        properties - Set of properties. Should contains at least "name".
        parameters - The JAI's parameters.