Class AbstractHTTPClientFactory

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractHTTPClientFactory

        public AbstractHTTPClientFactory()
    • Method Detail

      • canProcess

        public final boolean canProcess​(Hints hints,
                                        List<Class<? extends HTTPBehavior>> behaviors)
        Returns true if a given factory have a HTTP_CLIENT given by the hint, or meets the behaviors.
        Specified by:
        canProcess in interface HTTPClientFactory
        Client class
      • clientClasses

        protected abstract List<Class<?>> clientClasses()
        Return the HTTPClient classes that this factory will create.
      • createClient

        public abstract HTTPClient createClient​(List<Class<? extends HTTPBehavior>> behaviors)
        Create instance of HTTPClient. Behaviors should be used if factory creates different client's. Otherwise it's excessive to use.
        Specified by:
        createClient in interface HTTPClientFactory
        default http client
      • applyLogging

        protected HTTPClient applyLogging​(HTTPClient client,
                                          Hints hints)
        Wraps client with a LoggingHTTPClient if the HTTP_LOGGING hint is set.
        client -
        hints -