Class DefaultExpressionVisitor

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    public abstract class DefaultExpressionVisitor
    extends Object
    implements ExpressionVisitor
    Abstract implementation of ExpressionVisitor that simply walks the data structure.

    This class implements the full ExpressionVisitor interface and will visit every Filter member of an Expression object. This class performs no actions and is not intended to be used directly, instead extend it and overide the methods for the Expression type you are interested in. Remember to call the super method if you want to ensure that the entire expression tree is still visited.

     FilterVisitor allProperties = new DefaultExpressionVisitor(){
         public Object visit( PropertyName expr, Object data ) {
             Set set = (Set) data;
             return set;
     Set set = (Set) allProperties.accept(allFids, new HashSet());
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      Object visit​(Add expression, Object data)  
      Object visit​(Divide expression, Object data)  
      Object visit​(Function expression, Object data)  
      Object visit​(Literal expression, Object data)  
      Object visit​(Multiply expression, Object data)  
      Object visit​(NilExpression expression, Object data)
      Used to visit a Expression.NIL, also called for null where an expression is expected.
      Object visit​(PropertyName expression, Object data)  
      Object visit​(Subtract expression, Object data)  
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        public DefaultExpressionVisitor()