Interface Literal

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    ConstantExpression, LiteralExpressionImpl, OverlapBehaviorImpl

    public interface Literal
    extends Expression
    Instances of this interface provide a constant, literal value that can be used in expressions.

    The evaluate method of this class must return the same value as getValue().

    It should be noted that content of getValue() may be persisted with with XML based technologies. As an example a geoapi Geometry may be written out uding GML3, while a JTS Geometry may be written out using GML2. You should not assume that the same instance will be made available to all callers, please limit your self to pure data objects and don't use Literal to pass state or operations between systems.

    GeoAPI 2.0
    Chris Dillard (SYS Technologies)
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        Object getValue()
        Returns the constant value held by this object.