Interface Categorize

  • All Superinterfaces:
    Expression, Function

    public interface Categorize
    extends Function
    Categorization: The transformation of continuous values to distinct values. This is for example needed to generate choropleth maps from continuous attributes. Another example would be the stepwise selection of different text heights or line widths in dependence from such an attribute.

    In case the Categorize (or Interpolate) function is used inside a RasterSymbolizer as a ColorMap, the LookupValue is set to the fixed value “Rasterdata”.

    Johann Sorel (Geomatys)
    • Method Detail

      • getLookupValue

        Expression getLookupValue()
        Get lookup value.
      • getThresholds

        SortedMap<Literal,​Literal> getThresholds()
        The Thresholds have to be specified in ascending order and (like the LookupValue) have to be of a uniform and orderable type. The value of the function is determined by looking up into which interval between two thresholds the LookupValue falls. The first interval ranges from -Infinity to the first given threshold and the last one accordingly from the last threshold to +Infinity.
      • getBelongTo

        ThreshholdsBelongTo getBelongTo()
        Get the function direction. Default is SUCCEEDING.