Class ExpressionToText

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    public class ExpressionToText
    extends Object
    implements ExpressionVisitor
    This class is responsible to convert an expression to a CQL/ECQL valid expression.

    Warning: This component is not published. It is part of module implementation. Client module should not use this feature.

    Mauricio Pazos
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      • ExpressionToText

        public ExpressionToText()
        Default constructor. The behavior of EWKT encoding is controlled by the Hints.ENCODE_EWKT hint
      • ExpressionToText

        public ExpressionToText​(boolean encodeEWKT)
        encodeEWKT - When true, it will encode Geometry as EWKT when a CoordinateReferenceSystem object is found as the geometry user data
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      • dateToText

        public StringBuilder dateToText​(Date date,
                                        StringBuilder output)
        Uses the format yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss'[+|-]##:##' for output the provided date.
      • visit

        public Object visit​(NilExpression expression,
                            Object extraData)
        Description copied from interface: ExpressionVisitor
        Used to visit a Expression.NIL, also called for null where an expression is expected.

        This is particularly useful when doing data transformations, as an example when using a StyleSymbolizer Expression.NIL can be used to represent the default stroke color.

        Specified by:
        visit in interface ExpressionVisitor
        implementation specific
      • periodToText

        protected StringBuilder periodToText​(Period period,
                                             StringBuilder output)
      • propertyNeedsDelimiters

        protected boolean propertyNeedsDelimiters​(PropertyName name)