Class FallbackFunction

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Expression, Function, FunctionExpression, Factory

    public class FallbackFunction
    extends FunctionExpressionImpl
    A placeholder class used to track a function the user requested that is not supported by our java implementation.

    This can be used to construct expressions that are to be executed by another systems (say as SQL or as a WFS request).

    Jody Garnett
    • Method Detail

      • evaluate

        public <T> T evaluate​(Object object,
                              Class<T> context)
        Description copied from class: ExpressionAbstract
        Default implementation delegates handling of context conversion to Converters utility class.

        Subclasses are expected to make use of the Converters utility class (as the easiest way to provide value morphing in conformance with the Filter specification).

        Specified by:
        evaluate in interface Expression
        evaluate in class ExpressionAbstract
        Type Parameters:
        T - The type of the returned object.
        object - The object to evaluate the expression against.
        context - The type of the resulting value of the expression.
        Evaluates the given expression based on the content of the given object an an instance of context.