Class OracleNGOCIDataStoreFactory

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    DataAccessFactory, DataStoreFactorySpi, Factory

    public class OracleNGOCIDataStoreFactory
    extends OracleNGDataStoreFactory
    Creates an Oracle datastore based on a thick OCI client connection, instead of the traditional (thin) jdbc connection. The thin JDBC connection was designed for clients requiring no more classes than just ojdbc14.jar. The OCI JDBC drivers are based on the Oracle client software and rely mostly on the C/C++ based OCI (Oracle Call Interface) runtime.

    Looking over the internet it's not clear whether the OCI setup is faster than thin driver, different benchmarks report different results, but for sure OCI allows to expose a wider set of configurations and in particular it's recognized as the best way to connect to an Oracle cluster.

    Instead of the instance, host, port requirements of the normal oracle factory this driver just requires the 'alias', which refers to values defined by the Oracle Net Configuration assistant and stored in $ORACLE_HOME/NETWORK/ADMIN/tnsnames.ora. We have also had luck on the same computer with just leaving 'alias' as an empty string, and it seems to have a reasonable default behavior.

    Chris Holmes, TOPP, Bernard de Terwangne,, Andrea Aime - OpenGeo