Class ComplexFeatureTypeImpl

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    AttributeType, ComplexType, FeatureType, PropertyType

    public class ComplexFeatureTypeImpl
    extends UniqueNameFeatureTypeImpl
    This is a specialization of complex feature type that can be nested inside another feature type. A system attribute descriptor called "FEATURE_LINK" is added in the descriptors so it can be used to link the type to its parent type, without being encoded, since it doesn't exist in the real schema.
    Rini Angreani (CSIRO Earth Science and Resource Engineering)
    • Constructor Detail

      • ComplexFeatureTypeImpl

        public ComplexFeatureTypeImpl​(Name name,
                                      Collection<PropertyDescriptor> schema,
                                      GeometryDescriptor defaultGeometry,
                                      boolean isAbstract,
                                      List<Filter> restrictions,
                                      AttributeType superType,
                                      InternationalString description)
        Constructor for complex feature type with fake feature type descriptor provided.
        name - Name of feature type
        schema - Schema property descriptors
        defaultGeometry - Default geometry
        isAbstract - True if this type is abstract
        restrictions - List of restrictions
        superType - Super type
        description - Feature description
      • ComplexFeatureTypeImpl

        public ComplexFeatureTypeImpl​(ComplexFeatureTypeImpl type,
                                      Collection<PropertyDescriptor> schema)
        Create a clone of an existing ComplexFeatureTypeImpl with new schema.
        type - Type to copy
        schema - Set of descriptors
    • Method Detail

      • getTypeDescriptors

        public Collection<PropertyDescriptor> getTypeDescriptors()
        Return all the descriptors that come from the schema, excluding the system descriptors, such as 'FEATURE_LINK', used for linking features.
        schema descriptors