Class UserLayerBuilder

    • Field Detail

      • parent

        protected AbstractSLDBuilder<?> parent
      • unset

        protected boolean unset
    • Constructor Detail

      • UserLayerBuilder

        public UserLayerBuilder()
      • UserLayerBuilder

        public UserLayerBuilder​(AbstractSLDBuilder<?> parent)
    • Method Detail

      • reset

        public UserLayerBuilder reset()
        Reset stroke to default values.
        Builder configured to produce a default result.
      • reset

        public UserLayerBuilder reset​(UserLayer other)
        Reset builder to provided original stroke.
        other - Original, if null this will behave the same as unset()
        Builder configured to produce the provided original
      • unset

        public UserLayerBuilder unset()
        Description copied from interface: Builder
        Configure the Builder to produce null.

        This method allows a Builder to be used as a placeholder; in its unset state the build() method will produce null. If any of the builder methods are used the builder will produce a result.

        Specified by:
        unset in interface Builder<UserLayer>
        Builder configured to build null
      • build

        public UserLayer build()
        Description copied from interface: Builder
        Created object, may be null if unset()
        Created object may be null if unset()
      • buildRoot

        public Object buildRoot()
      • init

        protected void init​(Builder<T> other)