Class JMapStatusBar

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    ImageObserver, MenuContainer, Serializable, Accessible

    public class JMapStatusBar
    extends JPanel
    A status bar that works with a map pane to display cursor coordinates and other data. The static createDefaultStatusBar(org.geotools.swing.MapPane) method can be used for the most common configuration.
    Michael Bedward
    See Also:
    StatusBarItem, Serialized Form
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    • Constructor Summary

      Constructor Description
      Creates a new status bar.
    • Method Summary

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      Modifier and Type Method Description
      boolean addItem​(StatusBarItem item)
      Adds a new item to the status bar.
      boolean addItem​(StatusBarItem item, boolean configurable, boolean showing)
      Adds a new item to the status bar.
      static JMapStatusBar createDefaultStatusBar​(MapPane mapPane)
      Creates a new status bar, with the default set of items, linked to the given map pane.
      int findItem​(StatusBarItem item)
      Searches for the given item in the current set of status bar items.
      StatusBarItem getItem​(int index)
      Gets the item at the specified position index.
      int getNumItems()
      Gets the number of items in this status bar including the default configuration menu item.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • JMapStatusBar

        public JMapStatusBar()
        Creates a new status bar. Sets a MigLayout layout manager and adds the default config menu status item.
    • Method Detail

      • createDefaultStatusBar

        public static JMapStatusBar createDefaultStatusBar​(MapPane mapPane)
        Creates a new status bar, with the default set of items, linked to the given map pane. This method can be called safely from any thread.

        The default items are:

        • cursor coordinate item
        • map extent item
        • coordinate reference system item
        • rendering activity item
        mapPane - the map pane linked to the status bar
        a new status bar
        IllegalArgumentException - if mapPane is null
      • addItem

        public boolean addItem​(StatusBarItem item)
        Adds a new item to the status bar. The item will display a border and appear in the status bar configuration menu. If the item is already present in the status bar it will not added again and the method will return false.
        item - the item to add
        true if the item was added
      • addItem

        public boolean addItem​(StatusBarItem item,
                               boolean configurable,
                               boolean showing)
        Adds a new item to the status bar. If the item is already present in the status bar it will not added again and the method will return false.
        item - the item to add
        configurable - whether the item should appear in the status bar configuration menu
        showing - whether the item should be shown initially
        true if the item was added
      • getNumItems

        public int getNumItems()
        Gets the number of items in this status bar including the default configuration menu item.
        number of status bar items
      • findItem

        public int findItem​(StatusBarItem item)
        Searches for the given item in the current set of status bar items. If found, the item's position index is returned; otherwise -1.
        item - the item to search for
        position index or -1 if not found
      • getItem

        public StatusBarItem getItem​(int index)
        Gets the item at the specified position index. Position 0 is always occupied by the status bar's configuration menu item.
        index - position index between 0 and getNumItems() - 1
        the item
        IndexOutOfBoundsException - on invalid index value