Class UnformattableObjectException

    • Constructor Detail

      • UnformattableObjectException

        public UnformattableObjectException​(String message,
                                            Class unformattable)
        Constructs an exception with the specified detail message.
        message - The detail message. If null, a default message will be created.
        unformattable - The type of the object that can't be formatted.
    • Method Detail

      • getUnformattableClass

        public Class getUnformattableClass()
        Returns the type of the object that can't be formatted. This is often an OpenGIS interface rather than the implementation class. For example if a engineering CRS uses different unit for each axis, then this method may return CoordinateReferenceSystem.class. It doesn't mean that no CRS can be formatted; only that a particular instance of it can't. Other possible classes are ImageDatum, ProjectedCRS, etc.
      • getMessage

        public String getMessage()
        Returns the detail message. A default message is formatted if none was specified at construction time.
        getMessage in class Throwable