Class GeocentricTranslation

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    Serializable, MathTransform, LinearTransform

    public class GeocentricTranslation
    extends ProjectiveTransform
    An affine transform applied on geocentric coordinates. While "geocentric translation" is a little bit more restrictive name, it describes the part which is common to all instances of this class. A rotation may also be performed in addition of the translation, but the rotation sign is operation-dependent (EPSG 9606 and 9607 have opposite sign). This transform is used for the following operations:

    EPSG name EPSG code
    Geocentric translations 9603
    Position Vector 7-param. transformation 9606
    Coordinate Frame rotation 9607

    The conversion between geographic and geocentric coordinates is usually not part of this transform. However, the Geotools implementation of the provider accepts the following extensions:

    • If "src_semi_major" and "src_semi_minor" parameters are provided, then a "Ellipsoid_To_Geocentric" transform is concatenated before this transform.
    • If "tgt_semi_major" and "tgt_semi_minor" parameters are provided, then a "Geocentric_To_Ellipsoid" transform is concatenated after this transform.
    Martin Desruisseaux (IRD)
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    • Constructor Detail

      • GeocentricTranslation

        public GeocentricTranslation​(BursaWolfParameters parameters)
        Creates a new geocentric affine transform. If the parameters don't contain rotation terms, then this transform will be of kind "Geocentric translations". Otherwise, it will be of kind "Position Vector 7-param. transformation".
        parameters - The Bursa-Wolf parameters to use for initializing the transformation.