Class GeoSpatialImageReader

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    InitializingReader, FileSetManager
    Direct Known Subclasses:

    public abstract class GeoSpatialImageReader
    extends ImageReader
    implements FileSetManager, InitializingReader
    Daniele Romagnoli, GeoSolutions SAS, Simone Giannecchini, GeoSolutions SAS
    • Field Summary

      Modifier and Type Field Description
      protected File file
      The source file
      protected int numImages  
      • Fields inherited from class ImageReader

        availableLocales, ignoreMetadata, input, locale, minIndex, originatingProvider, progressListeners, seekForwardOnly, updateListeners, warningListeners, warningLocales
    • Constructor Summary

      Modifier Constructor Description
      protected GeoSpatialImageReader​(ImageReaderSpi originatingProvider)  
    • Method Summary

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      Modifier and Type Method Description
      protected void checkImageIndex​(int imageIndex)
      Simple check of the specified image index.
      void dispose()  
      protected void finalize()  
      String getAuxiliaryDatastorePath()  
      String getAuxiliaryFilesPath()  
      CoverageSlicesCatalog getCatalog()
      Returns the underlying slicesCatalog.
      abstract CoverageSourceDescriptor getCoverageDescriptor​(Name name)  
      abstract Collection<Name> getCoveragesNames()
      Return the name of coverages made available by this provider
      abstract int getCoveragesNumber()
      The number of coverages made available by this provider.
      List<Integer> getImageIndex​(Query filterQuery)
      Return the list of imageIndex related to the feature in the slicesCatalog which result from the specified query.
      IIOMetadata getImageMetadata​(int imageIndex)  
      int getNumImages​(boolean allowSearch)  
      IIOMetadata getStreamMetadata()  
      boolean init​(RenderingHints hints)  
      protected void initCatalog​(DataStoreConfiguration datastoreConfig)
      Initialize a slicesCatalog on top of the provided DataStoreConfiguration instance
      void setAuxiliaryDatastorePath​(String auxiliaryDatastorePath)  
      void setAuxiliaryFilesPath​(String auxiliaryFilesPath)  
      protected void setCatalog​(CoverageSlicesCatalog catalog)  
      void setRepository​(Repository repository)  
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        abort, abortRequested, addIIOReadProgressListener, addIIOReadUpdateListener, addIIOReadWarningListener, canReadRaster, checkReadParamBandSettings, clearAbortRequest, computeRegions, getAspectRatio, getAvailableLocales, getDefaultReadParam, getDestination, getFormatName, getHeight, getImageMetadata, getImageTypes, getInput, getLocale, getMinIndex, getNumThumbnails, getOriginatingProvider, getRawImageType, getSourceRegion, getStreamMetadata, getThumbnailHeight, getThumbnailWidth, getTileGridXOffset, getTileGridYOffset, getTileHeight, getTileWidth, getWidth, hasThumbnails, isIgnoringMetadata, isImageTiled, isRandomAccessEasy, isSeekForwardOnly, processImageComplete, processImageProgress, processImageStarted, processImageUpdate, processPassComplete, processPassStarted, processReadAborted, processSequenceComplete, processSequenceStarted, processThumbnailComplete, processThumbnailPassComplete, processThumbnailPassStarted, processThumbnailProgress, processThumbnailStarted, processThumbnailUpdate, processWarningOccurred, processWarningOccurred, read, read, readAll, readAll, readAsRenderedImage, readerSupportsThumbnails, readRaster, readThumbnail, readTile, readTileRaster, removeAllIIOReadProgressListeners, removeAllIIOReadUpdateListeners, removeAllIIOReadWarningListeners, removeIIOReadProgressListener, removeIIOReadUpdateListener, removeIIOReadWarningListener, reset, setInput, setInput, setInput, setLocale
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    • Field Detail

      • file

        protected File file
        The source file
      • numImages

        protected int numImages
    • Constructor Detail

      • GeoSpatialImageReader

        protected GeoSpatialImageReader​(ImageReaderSpi originatingProvider)
    • Method Detail

      • getImageMetadata

        public IIOMetadata getImageMetadata​(int imageIndex)
                                     throws IOException
        Specified by:
        getImageMetadata in class ImageReader
      • dispose

        public void dispose()
        dispose in class ImageReader
      • getStreamMetadata

        public IIOMetadata getStreamMetadata()
                                      throws IOException
        Specified by:
        getStreamMetadata in class ImageReader
      • checkImageIndex

        protected void checkImageIndex​(int imageIndex)
        Simple check of the specified image index. Valid indexes are belonging the range [0 - numRasters]. In case this constraint is not respected, an IndexOutOfBoundsException is thrown.
        imageIndex - the index to be checked
      • getNumImages

        public int getNumImages​(boolean allowSearch)
                         throws IOException
        Specified by:
        getNumImages in class ImageReader
      • getCoveragesNames

        public abstract Collection<Name> getCoveragesNames()
        Return the name of coverages made available by this provider
      • getCoveragesNumber

        public abstract int getCoveragesNumber()
        The number of coverages made available by this provider.
      • getImageIndex

        public List<Integer> getImageIndex​(Query filterQuery)
                                    throws IOException
        Return the list of imageIndex related to the feature in the slicesCatalog which result from the specified query.
        filterQuery - the filter query (temporal, vertical, name selection) to restrict the requested imageIndexes
      • getAuxiliaryFilesPath

        public String getAuxiliaryFilesPath()
      • setAuxiliaryFilesPath

        public void setAuxiliaryFilesPath​(String auxiliaryFilesPath)
      • getAuxiliaryDatastorePath

        public String getAuxiliaryDatastorePath()
      • setAuxiliaryDatastorePath

        public void setAuxiliaryDatastorePath​(String auxiliaryDatastorePath)
      • setRepository

        public void setRepository​(Repository repository)
      • finalize

        protected void finalize()
                         throws Throwable
        finalize in class Object
      • init

        public boolean init​(RenderingHints hints)
        Specified by:
        init in interface InitializingReader