Class Circle.Arc

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    public class Circle.Arc
    extends Object
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      • getArcHeight

        public double getArcHeight()
        given a an arc defined from p1 to p2 existing on this circle, returns the height of the arc. This height is defined as the distance from the center of a chord defined by (p1, p2) and the outer edge of the circle.
        the arc height
      • getChordCenterPoint

        public Coordinate getChordCenterPoint()
      • getArcAngle

        public double getArcAngle()
      • getArcAngleDegrees

        public double getArcAngleDegrees()
      • getP1Angle

        public double getP1Angle()
      • getP2Angle

        public double getP2Angle()
      • isClockwise

        public boolean isClockwise()