Interface ExternalMark

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    public interface ExternalMark
    The alternative to a WellKnownName is an external mark format. The MarkIndex allows an individual mark in a mark archive to be selected. An example format for an external mark archive would be a TrueType font file, with MarkIndex being used to select an individual glyph from that file.
    GeoAPI 2.2
    Open Geospatial Consortium, Johann Sorel (Geomatys)
    • Method Detail

      • getOnlineResource

        OnLineResource getOnlineResource()
        Online resource defined by an URI.

        Only one of OnlineResource or InlineContent can be supplied.

        OnlineResource or null
      • setOnlineResource

        void setOnlineResource​(OnLineResource resource)
        resource - Online resource with format defined by getFormat()
      • getInlineContent

        Icon getInlineContent()
        Inline content.

        Only one of OnlineResource or InlineContent can be supplied.

        InlineContent or null
      • setInlineContent

        void setInlineContent​(Icon inline)
        Icon to use for inline content.

        This is often a SwingImageIcon with a format defined by getFormat()

      • getFormat

        String getFormat()
        Mime type of the onlineResource/InlineContent

        Common examples:

        • image/svg
        • image/png
        • image/gif
        This information is used by a renderer to determine if it can support the image format being supplied.
        mime type
      • setFormat

        void setFormat​(String mimeType)
        mimeType - Mime type of external (or internal) resource
      • getMarkIndex

        int getMarkIndex()
        Returns an integer value that can used for accessing a particular Font character in a TTF file or a catalog for example.
      • setMarkIndex

        void setMarkIndex​(int markIndex)
        Mark index used to specify true type font character; or frame of an animated gif.