Package org.geotools.api.filter.spatial

A spatial operator determines whether its geometric arguments satisfy the stated spatial relationship. The operator evaluates to true if the spatial relationship is satisfied. Otherwise the operator evaluates to false. The following is adapted from Filter encoding implementation:

Spatial operators are used to test whether the value of a geometric property, potentially referenced using the name of the property, and a (potentially literal) geometric value satisfy the spatial relationship implied by the operator. For example, the org.opengis.filter.spatial.Overlaps operator evaluates whether the value of the specified geometric property and the specified literal geometric value spatially overlap.

The org.opengis.filter.spatial.BBOX element is defined as a convenient and more compact way of encoding the very common bounding box constraint based on the gml:Box geometry. The BBOX operator should identify all geometries that spatially interact with the box in some manner.

The spatial operators org.opengis.filter.spatial.DWithin and org.opengis.filter.spatial.Beyond test whether the value of a geometric property is within or beyond a specified distance of the specified literal geometric value. Distance values are expressed using the distance attribute. The content of the distance attribute represents the magnitude of the distance and the units attribute is used to specify the units of measure.