Interface BBOX3D

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    BBOX, BinarySpatialOperator, Filter, MultiValuedFilter, SpatialOperator
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    public interface BBOX3D
    extends BBOX
    An extension to the general BBOX filter for supporting 3D Bounding Boxes that have a minimum and maximum Z-value.

    Spatial operator that evaluates to true when the bounding box of the feature's geometry overlaps the bounding box provided in this object's properties. An implementation may choose to throw an exception if one attempts to test features that are in a different SRS than the SRS contained here.

    GeoAPI 2.0
    Niels Charlier
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      • getBounds

        BoundingBox3D getBounds()
        Return 3D Bounding Box object representing the bounds of the filter @Return Bounds of Filter
        Specified by:
        getBounds in interface BBOX