Package org.geotools.api.filter.sort

An SortBy indicates the ordering requested during a data query. The following is adapted from the following specifications:

An SortBy can be formed using the elements: org.opengis.filter.expression.Add, org.opengis.filter.expression.Subtract, org.opengis.filter.expression.Multiply, org.opengis.filter.expression.Divide, org.opengis.filter.expression.PropertyName, org.opengis.filter.expression.Literal and org.opengis.filter.expression.Function. They all belong to the substitution group expression which means that any of them can be used wherever an expression is called for. In addition, the combinations of these elements are themselves expressions and can be used wherever an expression is called for.


The contents of a FeatureCollection are not defined with respect to order.


A FeatureList represents an ordered collection of features, possibly using a siers of SortBy elements to define the intended order.

Catalog and Web Feature Server

Both the Catalog and Web Feature Server specifications all the use of SortBy during requests.