Interface ElementValue

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    public interface ElementValue
    This interface is intended to represent a data structure to pass resolved Child elements to the parent element. This is of particular importance as this enable the programmer to reverse the direction of the recursion on the parse tree, hopefully reducing the impact on the heap and overall memory.
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      • getElement

        Element getElement()
        Returns the type which generated the associated value. The type is important because it allows easy access to the xml element inheritance tree, allowing the user to test whether it is a valid data entry.
      • getValue

        Object getValue()
        This returns the realized value of an element which was associated with this type. We recommend that this value be realized prior to the first request for the value (use this object to cache the result). If you do chose to implement this method lazily, consider caching the result as it may be called more than once, expecting the same result both times.
        Object (may be null)