Class DefaultClockTime

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    ClockTime, TemporalPosition

    public class DefaultClockTime
    extends DefaultTemporalPosition
    implements ClockTime
    A data type that shall be used to identify a temporal position within a day. Because temporal position cannot by itself completely identify a single temporal position; it shall be used with calendar date for that purpose. It may be also used to identify the time of occurrence of an event that recurs every day.
    Mehdi Sidhoum (Geomatys)
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      • getClockTime

        public Number[] getClockTime()
        A sequence of numbers with a structure similar to that of CalendarDate. The first number integer identifies a specific instance of the unit used at the highest level of the clock hierarchy, the second number identifies a specific instance of the unit used at the next lower level, and so on. All but the last number in the sequence shall be integers; the last number may be integer or real.
        Specified by:
        getClockTime in interface ClockTime
      • setClockTime

        public void setClockTime​(Number... clockTime)