Class JWizard.Controller

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    ActionListener, KeyListener, EventListener, DocumentListener, ListSelectionListener
    Enclosing class:

    public class JWizard.Controller
    extends Object
    implements ActionListener, KeyListener, DocumentListener, ListSelectionListener
    The controller listens to everything and updates the buttons
    • Field Summary

      Modifier and Type Field Description
      boolean listen  
    • Constructor Summary

      Constructor Description
    • Field Detail

      • listen

        public boolean listen
    • Constructor Detail

      • Controller

        public Controller()
    • Method Detail

      • actionPerformed

        public void actionPerformed​(ActionEvent e)
        Specified by:
        actionPerformed in interface ActionListener
      • setListen

        public void setListen​(boolean listen)
        Set listen to false to update a field without the controller passing on a notification.
      • syncButtonsToPage

        public void syncButtonsToPage()
      • keyPressed

        public void keyPressed​(KeyEvent e)
        Specified by:
        keyPressed in interface KeyListener
      • keyReleased

        public void keyReleased​(KeyEvent e)
        Specified by:
        keyReleased in interface KeyListener
      • keyTyped

        public void keyTyped​(KeyEvent e)
        Specified by:
        keyTyped in interface KeyListener
      • changedUpdate

        public void changedUpdate​(DocumentEvent e)
        Specified by:
        changedUpdate in interface DocumentListener
      • insertUpdate

        public void insertUpdate​(DocumentEvent e)
        Specified by:
        insertUpdate in interface DocumentListener
      • removeUpdate

        public void removeUpdate​(DocumentEvent e)
        Specified by:
        removeUpdate in interface DocumentListener
      • valueChanged

        public void valueChanged​(ListSelectionEvent e)
        Specified by:
        valueChanged in interface ListSelectionListener