Class WMTSSpecification.GetMultiTileRequest

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      • initVersion

        protected void initVersion()
        Description copied from class: AbstractRequest
        Sets up the version number for this request. Typically something like setProperty("VERSION", "1.1.1");
        Specified by:
        initVersion in class AbstractGetTileRequest
      • setType

        public void setType​(WMTSServiceType type)
        type - the type to set
      • createTemplateUrl

        protected String createTemplateUrl​(String tileMatrixSetName)
        Description copied from class: AbstractGetTileRequest
        Used when creating WMTSTileService's based on a templateUrl.

        If the server supports RESTful calls. It will use that. Otherwise it will create a similar template for KVP requests.

        Specified by:
        createTemplateUrl in class AbstractGetTileRequest
        tileMatrixSetName - the name of the tileMatrixSet. This is expected to be UTF-8 encoded
        template URL used containing placeholders for request parameters
      • getKVPparams

        public static HashMap<String,​String> getKVPparams​(String layerString,
                                                                String styleString,
                                                                String tileMatrixSetName,
                                                                String format)
        Returns the properties for KVP WMTS, as well as placeholder's for the specific parameters of GetTile. Values passed in are expected to be already encoded appropriately for use in URLs. See WMTSHelper.encodeParameter(String)
        layerString - layer
        styleString - style
        tileMatrixSetName - tilematrixSet name
        format - format
        a hashmap containing the properties for the KVP WMTS including placeholders for specific parameters of GetTile
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