Class MBStyleTransformer

    • Field Detail

      • mapboxTokenPattern

        protected static final Pattern mapboxTokenPattern
    • Constructor Detail

      • MBStyleTransformer

        public MBStyleTransformer​(MBObjectParser parse)
    • Method Detail

      • createExternalGraphicForSprite

        public ExternalGraphic createExternalGraphicForSprite​(Expression iconName,
                                                              Expression iconSize,
                                                              MBStyle styleContext)
        Takes the name of an icon, and an MBStyle as a context, and returns an External Graphic referencing the full URL of the image for consumption by the SpriteGraphicFactory. (The format of the image will be SpriteGraphicFactory.FORMAT).
        iconName - The name of the icon inside the spritesheet.
        iconSize - The size (scale multiplier) to apply to the icon. (Nullable).
        styleContext - The style context in which to resolve the icon name to the full sprite URL (for consumption by the SpriteGraphicFactory).
        An external graphic with the full URL of the mage for the SpriteGraphicFactory.
        See Also:
      • requireLiteral

        public static <T> T requireLiteral​(Expression expression,
                                           Class<T> clazz,
                                           T fallback,
                                           String propertyName,
                                           String layerId)
        Utility method for getting a concrete value out of an expression, used by transformer methods when GeoTools is unable to accept an expression.
        • If the provided Expression is a Literal, evaluates it and returns the value.
        • Otherwise, returns the provided fallback value and logs a warning that dynamic styling is not yet supported for this property.
        expression - The expression
        clazz - The type to provide as the context for the expression's evaluation.
        fallback - The value to return if the expression is not a literal
        propertyName - The name of the property that the expression corresponds to, for logging purposes.
        layerId - The ID of the layer that the expression corresponds to, for logging purposes.
        The evaluated value of the provided Expression, or the provided fallback value.
      • getDefaultFonts

        public List<String> getDefaultFonts()
        The list of default font names