Class ShapefileLoaderSPI.ShapefileLoader

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    public class ShapefileLoaderSPI.ShapefileLoader
    extends Object
    implements FootprintLoader
    Loads footprints from a sidecar shepefile with a single record, will complain if more than one is found
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      • ShapefileLoader

        public ShapefileLoader()
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      • loadFootprint

        public Geometry loadFootprint​(String pathNoExtension)
                               throws Exception
        Description copied from interface: FootprintLoader
        Tries to load the sidecar geometry given the granule path without extension.
        Specified by:
        loadFootprint in interface FootprintLoader
        The footprint, or null if the file was not found
        Exception - In case the file was found, but there were issues loading the geometry
      • getFootprintFiles

        public List<File> getFootprintFiles​(String pathNoExtension)
        Description copied from interface: FootprintLoader
        Returns the footprint file used to load the footprint, or none if there was no file involved
        Specified by:
        getFootprintFiles in interface FootprintLoader
        pathNoExtension - The base path plus the file name, but no extension