Class RasterLayerResponse

  • public class RasterLayerResponse
    extends Object
    A RasterLayerResponse. An instance of this class is produced everytime a requestCoverage is called to a reader.
    Simone Giannecchini, GeoSolutions, Daniele Romagnoli, GeoSolutions, Stefan Alfons Krueger (alfonx), : Support for jar:file:foo.jar/ URLs
    • Constructor Detail

      • RasterLayerResponse

        public RasterLayerResponse​(RasterLayerRequest request,
                                   RasterManager rasterManager,
                                   SubmosaicProducerFactory collectorsFactory)
        Construct a RasterLayerResponse given a specific RasterLayerRequest, a GridCoverageFactory to produce GridCoverages and an ImageReaderSpi to be used for instantiating an Image Reader for a read operation,
        request - a RasterLayerRequest originating this response.
        rasterManager - raster manager being used
    • Method Detail

      • createResponse

        public GridCoverage2D createResponse()
                                      throws IOException
        Compute the coverage request and produce a grid coverage which will be returned by createResponse(). The produced grid coverage may be null in case of empty request.
        the GridCoverage produced as computation of this response using the createResponse() method.
        UML property:
      • getBaseReadParameters

        public ImageReadParam getBaseReadParameters()
      • getFinalGridToWorldCorner

        public MathTransform2D getFinalGridToWorldCorner()
      • getFinalWorldToGridCorner

        public MathTransform2D getFinalWorldToGridCorner()
      • getFinalTransparentColor

        public Color getFinalTransparentColor()
      • getRasterBounds

        public Rectangle getRasterBounds()
      • getImageChoice

        public int getImageChoice()
      • setImageChoice

        public void setImageChoice​(int imageChoice)
      • isMultithreadingAllowed

        public boolean isMultithreadingAllowed()
      • getHints

        public Hints getHints()
      • setGranulesPaths

        public void setGranulesPaths​(String granulesPaths)
      • addGranulePaths

        public void addGranulePaths​(String granulesPaths)
      • getDefaultArtifactsFilterThreshold

        public int getDefaultArtifactsFilterThreshold()
      • getArtifactsFilterPTileThreshold

        public double getArtifactsFilterPTileThreshold()
      • getBackgroundValues

        public double[] getBackgroundValues()
      • getGeometryMask

        public Geometry getGeometryMask()
      • getMaskingBufferPixels

        public double getMaskingBufferPixels()
      • isSetRoiProperty

        public boolean isSetRoiProperty()
      • isHeterogeneousCRS

        public boolean isHeterogeneousCRS()
      • reprojectTo

        public RasterLayerResponse reprojectTo​(GranuleDescriptor templateDescriptor)
                                        throws Exception
        Builds an alternate view of request/response/manager based on a template descriptor