Class ImageMosaicConfigHandler

  • public class ImageMosaicConfigHandler
    extends Object
    This class is in responsible for creating and managing the catalog and the configuration of the mosaic
    Carlo Cancellieri - GeoSolutions SAS
    • Method Detail

      • reset

        public void reset()
        Perform proper clean up.

        Make sure to call this method when you are not running the ImageMosaicConfigHandler or bad things can happen. If it is running, please stop it first.

      • getStop

        public boolean getStop()
      • stop

        public void stop()
      • buildCatalog

        protected GranuleCatalog buildCatalog()
                                       throws IOException
      • coverageExists

        protected boolean coverageExists​(String coverageName)
                                  throws IOException
        Check whether the specified coverage already exist in the reader. This allows to get the rasterManager associated with that coverage instead of creating a new one.
        coverageName - the name of the coverage to be searched
        true in case that coverage already exists
      • getTargetCoverageName

        public String getTargetCoverageName​(GridCoverage2DReader inputCoverageReader,
                                            String inputCoverageName)
        Get the name of the target coverage for a given reader. For most input coverages, the target coverage is simply the default coverage. For structured coverages the target coverage has the same name as the input coverage.
        inputCoverageReader - the coverage being added to the index
        inputCoverageName - the name of the input coverage
        the target coverage name for the input coverage
      • dispose

        public void dispose()
      • isUseExistingSchema

        public boolean isUseExistingSchema()
      • isCog

        public boolean isCog()
      • getCachedReaderSPI

        public ImageReaderSpi getCachedReaderSPI()
      • setCachedReaderSPI

        public void setCachedReaderSPI​(ImageReaderSpi cachedReaderSPI)
      • getRasterManagerForTargetCoverage

        public RasterManager getRasterManagerForTargetCoverage​(String targetCoverageName)
      • createWalker

        public ImageMosaicWalker createWalker()
        Create a proper ImageMosaicWalker based on the current configuration